Photo of Washington, Delaina

Delaina Washington

Teaching Assistant

African American Studies


Building & Room:

UH 1213

Office Phone:

(312) 996-2950


Delaina Washington is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Recently, Washington successfully defended her dissertation entitled, Pour Out the Oil: Successful Parenting for Math Development among African Americans. Using qualitative analyses, she examines the ways that African American parents support math learning by detailing the lives of 6 African American families. She finds that parents' support is mediated through district and local school policies. That is CPS policies regarding admissions to selective enrollment schools had far-reaching consequences for educational (i.e., mathematics learning) opportunities, especially among low-income students. She also pushes against parental involvement narratives that value highly visible, school-centered notions of parental engagement, and proposes an alternative lens (via proximal and distal behaviors) to understand parents' supportive behaviors which were often the result of a constellation of factors (e.g., work responsibilities, parents' math identity, parents' assessment of their child's progress, students' math identities, parents' stress levels, etc.). Washington's research interests include African American students and families, mathematics socialization, parental support practices, social and emotional learning, and education policy.