Berfrois Magazine Publishes Article by Professor Roderick Ferguson

Professor Ferguson's piece "Subjugation of the Gay Mainstream" was featured in Berfrois, in which he discusses his forthcoming book One-Dimensional Queer.

"Indeed, the historical record provides reasonable doubt that Stonewall did not arise from a singular focus on sexual freedom but instead was shaped by a range of contemporaneous struggles over racism, war, poverty and gender inequality. Attending to this multidimensional version of Stonewall is potentially a matter with devastating consequences for how we understand queer history and queer politics. It’s devastating because it fundamentally upsets the narrative that we have all been fed, the narrative that not only grounds gay rights but queer life and politics in general—that Stonewall was the birth of the modern gay movement and that the modern gay movement was concerned only with sexual freedom. In fact, the Stonewall rebellions were much more than a quest for the mainstream via a one-dimensional focus on sexual freedom."

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