Nov 10 2008


November 10, 2008

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Event Description:

Robert Parker
(Wykeham Professor of Greek History at Oxford)
Ignorance and
Knowledge of the Divine
Robert Parker's tremendous impact on Greek religion
can be traced back to his seminal book on pollution, Miasma: Pollution and
Purification in Greek Religion (Oxford, 1983). Inspired by the work of the
anthropologist Mary Douglas, Parker carefully applied this model to Greek
evidence. In recent years, he has dealt systematically with the historical study
of Athenian religion, avoiding banal generalizations. His two latest books,
Athenian Religion: A History (Oxford, 1997) and Polytheism and Society at Athens
(Oxford, 2007) are considered definitive on their topics.


(Andrew van Vranken Raymond Professor of the Classics at SUNY,
A Broad Perspective on Athenian and Greek Religion (provisional
Roger Woodard uniquely combines the specialty of comparative
linguistics, especially the study of the Greek alphabet, with the study of Greek
religion, which he compares to that of Anatolia, the Levant and Asia Minor.
Among his latest books are Indo-European Myth and Religion: A Manual (Iowa,
2004), The History and Nature of Human Writing (Oxford, 2006), Indo-European
Sacred Space: Vedic and Roman Cult (Cambridge, 2006), and The Cambridge
Companion to Greek Mythology (2007).


Albert Henrichs
(Eliot Professor of
Greek Literature at Harvard University)
A History of the Intellectual
Tradition of Revelation (provisional title)
Albert Henrichs' work is
ground-breaking in the field of the history of thought, extending from Greek
religion to Gnostic Christianity. One of his specialties is Greek tragedy and
the interpretation of its literary metaphors. His latest work deals with the
establishment of sacred texts as canons before Christianity. He has published
some 300 articles, of which perhaps the best known are on Dionysos and tragedy.
Some of his latest contributions are: Drama and Dromena: Bloodshed, Violence,
and Sacrificial Metaphor in Euripides (2004) and Hieroi Logoi and Hierai Bibloi:
The (Un)written Margins of the Sacred in Ancient Greece (2005).


(Professor and Director of Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity,
University of Birmingham)
Ken Dowden is an expert in Greek
religion. His book Death and the Maiden (Routledge 1989) is considered a classic
about female puberty. His latest books are Religion and the Romans (Bristol
Classical Press, 1992; later, an imprint of Duckworth); Uses of Greek Mythology
(Routledge, 1992); Sleep, eds. Thomas Wiedemann and Ken Dowden (Levante editori,
2003); European Paganism (Routledge, 2000); and Zeus (Routledge, 2006).



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