AAST 401: Senior Seminar in African American Studies

person in green jacket holding a stick and book in front of floral wallpaper

This Senior Seminar allows students to embark on their own interdisciplinary study of the African American experience. You will design and complete an individual research project using research approaches you have learned about as an African American Studies Major or Minor. Each student will be given the tools to creatively and successfully explore an issue central to the culture and communities of African Americans, past and present. This course is not organized around a specific topic, but is focused on student projects. In the past, students have conducted research on a wide range of topics: Gender and Soul Food; The Politics of Teaching of Black History in Chicago High Schools; Race and Aging in Assisted Living Facilities; Transracial Adoption;  Slave Marriage;  A Cultural History of the Mammy Figure.  Your research topic is limited only by your curiosity! Through weekly assignments, progress reports, and discussions, we will build a supportive and dynamic learning community.