Summer 2017 COURSES offered 

Please contact Allison James for any advising concerns.


Summer Session 1

AAST 105-African Americans in Film, 1900 - Present: Images, Individuals and Ideas on Screen. Credit Hours: 3

Examination of the history of African Americans in film from the silent era to the present. The careers of African American filmmakers and actors and the evolution of images, themes, and ideas in films by and about African Americans. Course Information: Same as COMM 105 and MOVI 105. Creative Arts course, and US Society course.

Summer Session 2

AAST 294-Topics in African American Studies. Special Topic: Urban Ethnography. Credit Hours: 3.

Explore urban phenomena, through weekly field trips to Chicago’s West Side, home to a vast African-American neighborhood, a vibrant and rapidly changing Puerto Rican neighborhood, a thriving white ethnic neighborhood, and historic monuments, such as the Garfield Park Conservatory and Humboldt Park, which draw people from all over the city and beyond. You will observe, in real life, the interaction of people with each other and their physical space, as well as how to convey your experiences in a meaningful way. The final project for this course may take the form of a written paper or a visual media project, appropriate to your major.

TUE & THUR 1:30-4:00
8-Week Session
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