African American Studies Themes

Black Queer Feminist Studies

These courses focus on how gender and sexuality inform the black experience with an emphasis on using feminist and queer of color theories and methodologies.

Cultural Production and Analysis

These courses focus on the centrality of cultural production and mass media to understanding African and African American communities; considers formal cultural practices such as literature, music and visual arts, and vernacular cultures including style and speech.

Diasporic and Transnational Studies

These courses emphasize the black experience outside of a United States context; some will be specific to global settings, others will look at overlaps and exchanges between the U.S. and international locales such as in the study of transatlantic slavery or immigration.

Race, Politics, and Institutions

These courses study the role of race and the experiences of black subjects, in formal and informal institutions. The focus may be on education, law and government, cities, families and communities, media and business, and non-governmental organizations.