AAST 492:
topics in social
science research


Course Description

Inclusive examination of a selected specialized topic based on instructor's field. Topics are drawn from research in political science, psychology, sociology & history. 

Cedric Johnson
Associate Professor of African American Studies & Political Science

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Office: 1217 UH
Email: cedjohns@uic.edu

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What Does African American American Studies Mean to You?

"It is the study of those who made America great but were never rewarded for their labors— slaves, washer-women, factory workers, caretakers, porters, sharecroppers, hepcats, teachers,  B-boys, line cooks and countless unknown rebels.  African American Studies is the study of power and social struggle, and speculation on what it takes to create a more just society."--Cedric Johnson

Course Information

3 or hours. May be repeated if topics vary. Students may register in more than one section per term. Prerequisite(s):  AAST 100 or consent of the instructor.


Race, Politics & Institutions

When is it Offered?

Fall Semester