AAST 272

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Course Description

This course explores how black feminist and queer work on race, gender, and sexuality has been used to radically reimagine what a just world might look like. The course uses films, pamphlets, short stories, autobiographies and essays to demonstrate the specific impact that considerations of feminism and queerness have made on black radical traditions. 

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Roderick Ferguson
Professor of African American Studies & Gender and Women's Studies

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Office: 1221 UH
Email: rfergus@uic.edu

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What Does African American American Studies Mean to You?

The definition for black studies that I use comes from CLR James. When the question was put to him he said black studies was a critique of western civilization. I like that definition because it captures just how broad the topic of black studies is. History of empires, slavery, industrialization, post and neoliberalism. It really captures the global aspects of the field. It means assessing the ways in which not only race and class, but gender and sexuality, play in the critique of western civilization.

Course Information

3 or 4 hours. Same as GWS 272. Prerequisite(s): 
AAST 100 or ; or graduate or professional standing;
or consent of the instructor.

Requirements Met

Individual and Society
US Society course


Black Queer & Feminist Studies
Race, Politics & Institutions

When is it Offered?

Spring Semester