AAST 265:
The Harlem Renaissance


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Although identified as an African American literary movement subscribing to an American view of race and ‘race relations,’ recent scholarship has increasingly sought to place the Harlem Renaissance within the ambit of transnational and Afro-Diasporic literary production of the 1920s and 1930s. This course pursues this interpretive vein by critically examining selected works of African American literature, history, and criticism from the Harlem Renaissance focusing on their attempts to engage and reimagine notions of race, nation, and community. 

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Ainsworth Clarke
Assistant Professor of African American Studies & English

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Office: 1205 UH
Email: ac57@uic.edu

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What Does African American American Studies Mean to You?

"I think it is great and la la la la la la la la la" --​​Ainsworth Clarke

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3 hours. Same as ENGL 265. Previously listed as AAST 350. Prerequisite(s): Grade of C or better in AAST 100; and Grade of C or better in AAST 110 or Grade of C or better in AAST 111; or Grade of C or better in ENGL 240 and Grade of C or better in ENGL 243; or consent of the instructor.

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U.S. Society course 
Past Society course


Cultural Production & Analysis

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Fall Semester