AAST 250:
comparative black literatures


Course Description

This course is about literature, politics, and history in Africa spanning from the middle of the twentieth century to present. The goal of the course is for students, through a limited focus, to acquire a sense of the sweep of history in Africa over the past seventy-five years, and a sense of scope and power of African literature. This will be accomplished using texts written by authors from Angola, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Ethiopia, and Ghana, among others. This goal will be accomplished through critical readings of a diverse range of texts from authors Cheikh Hamidou Kane, Pepetela, Ngugi wa Thiong'o, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Chinua Chebe, Wole Soyinka, and many others.  

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Nicholas Brown 
Associate Professor of African American Studies & E​nglish

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Office: UH 1223
Email: cola@uic.edu

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What Does African American American Studies Mean to You?

African-American Studies is an interdisciplinary academic field devoted to the study of the history, culture, and politics of Black Americans.

Course Information

3 hours. Same as ENGL 260.

Requirements Met

Creative Arts course
US Society course


Cultural Production & Analysis
Race, Politics & Institutions

When is it Offered?

Spring Semester