AAST 249:
Black freedom
movements in the U.S.

black lives matter

Course Description

Black Social Movements traces the social, political and cultural strategies that African Americans have used to fight against oppression and inequality. Starting with the struggle against slavery by both enslaved and free-born blacks, we look at organized examples of activism as well as individual acts of courage and resistance. This course seeks to go beyond the standard narratives of the civil rights movement to uncover the lesser known or hidden stories of the black freedom struggle. These might include black labor activism, black women's reform and club movement, black Communists, black feminist and queer organizing, and the role of arts and culture in social movements. We include discussion of contemporary activist movements.

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muhammad and malcolm x
Jane Rhodes 
Department Head, Professor of African American Studies

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Office: 1231 UH

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What Does African American American Studies Mean to You?

"African American Studies is a bulwark against the willful ignorance, inequality and injustice that is ascendant around the globe. The field insists that we question assumptions, up-end conventional wisdom, and grapple with uncomfortable truths. Only then can we say we are truly educated."--Jane Rhodes

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3 hours. 

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Past Course
US Society course


Race, Politics & Institutions
Cultural Production & Analysis
Black Queer & Feminist Studies

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Fall Semester