AAST 206:
research methods


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What is research? How are research projects conceptualized and designed? How do researchers in African American Studies and related interdisciplinary fields go about collecting and building knowledge? How have African Americans been treated by research in the past? These are some of the topics discussed in AAST 206. We spend time learning how research has often tended to undermine African American progress and ideas, and how scholars in African American Studies seek to undo this damage. Students are also introduced to basic research methods such as working in archives, interviewing, and analyzing cultural texts. The goal is to help students understand how research is conducted and to begin to formulate their own projects that can be carried out in advanced courses.

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Jane Rhodes 
Department Head, Professor of African American Studies

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Office: 1231 UH
Email: rhodesj@uic.edu

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What Does African American American Studies Mean to You?

"African American Studies is a bulwark against the willful ignorance, inequality and injustice that is ascendant around the globe. The field insists that we question assumptions, up-end conventional wisdom, and grapple with uncomfortable truths. Only then can we say we are truly educated."--Jane Rhodes

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3 hours. Prerequisites: Credit or concurrent registration in AAST 100; or consent of the instructor. For African American Studies majors and minors only.

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Spring Semester