AAST 104:
race, place and schooling-african american education


Course Description

The relationship between race, place and school is critical in the understanding of Black life in relationship to schoolings system in the U.S. Through a critical investigation of resistance, creation and controversy, the course will allow students to grasp a historical and contemporary analysis of the ongoing struggle for quality education for Black students.

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David Stovall 0019
David Stovall
Professor of African American Studies & Educational Policy Studies

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Office: 3048 EPASW
Email: dostoval@uic.edu

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What Does African American American Studies Mean to You?

"African-American Studies is reflective of a commitment to understand the space and place that African-descended people throughout the diaspora call home as complex sites of struggle, resistance and transformation. As a discipline that was created by community members, students and scholars to understand struggle while building transformative futures, African-American studies must understand this commitment as central to the field." --Dave Stovall

Course Information

3 or 4 hours. Same as EDPS 104

Requirements Met

Individual and Society
US Society course


Cultural Production & Analysis
Race, Politics, and Institutions

When is it Offered?

Spring Semester