AAST 103:
african american
politics and culture

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Course Description

This course explores the politics of black integration into American mass culture during the seventies and eighties.  Focusing on primetime television and the birth of hip hop music, the course examines tensions between black counterculture, artistic independence,  corporate media control, and mass consumerism.

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RunDMC and KurtisBlow
Cedric Johnson
Associate Professor of African American Studies & Political Science

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Office: ​​1217 UH
Email: cedjohns@uic.edu

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What Does African American American Studies Mean to You?

"It is the study of those who made America great but were never rewarded for their labors— slaves, washer-women, factory workers, caretakers, porters, sharecroppers, hepcats, teachers,  B-boys, line cooks and countless unknown rebels.  African American Studies is the study of power and social struggle, and speculation on what it takes to create a more just society."--Cedric Johnson

Course Information

3 hours. Same as POLS 112

Requirements Met

Individual and Society
US Society course


Cultural Production & Analysis
Race, Politics, and Institutions

When is it Offered?

Spring Semester