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AAST 100

Introduction to African 
American Studies

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AAST 104

Race, Place, And Schooling: 
African Americans and Education

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AAST 101

Introduction to African 
Diaspora Studies

AAST 105

African Americans in Film, 1900-Present: Individuals & Ideas on Screen

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AAST 103

African American 
Politics and Culture

AAST 110

Introduction to African American Literature: 1760-1910

AAST 111

Introduction to African American Literature Since 1910

AAST 206

Interdisciplinary Research Methods in African American Studies

AAST 247

African American History to 1877

AAST 250

Comparative Black Literature

AAST 262

Black Cultural Studies

AAST 266

Topics in African Literature

AAST 294

Topics in African American Studies

AAST 407

Seminar in Comparative Racialization

AAST 490

Topics in African American Literature

AAST 125

African American Religious Traditions

AAST 229

Topics in Diaspora

AAST 248

African American History Since 1877

AAST 258

Race and Urban Life

AAST 263

African American Intellectual History

AAST 271

African American and the Politics of Incarceration

AAST 306

Black Politics in the United States

AAST 401

Senior Seminar in African American Studies

AAST 441

Topics in African History

AAST 492

Topics in Social Science Research

AAST 203

The African American Family in the United States

AAST 246

 Black Lives in Historical Context

AAST 249

Black Freedom Movements in the U.S. 

AAST 261

Reading Black Women Writing

AAST 265

The Harlem Renaissance 

AAST 272

Race, Gender & Sexuality

AAST 406

Politics of Race, Gender & Class

AAST 481

Topics in African and African American History

AAST 496

Topics in Race, Ethnic and Minority History